Security Questions and Answers are required for every profile.  These enable us to more securely confirm your identity when accessing your accounts. This type of verification is a standard practice, especially on banking and financial services websites. Only you should know your security questions and answers. 

Setting Up:
When you login to your account for the first time, you will be asked to select three security questions at random.  Choose questions for which the answers will be easy for you to remember, but are not likely to be known even to close friends or family members. Your responses to these questions will be saved to your profile for future verification.
How it Works:
While online, we may periodically ask you to answer one or more of your security questions at random. Failure to answer correctly may result in your profile being locked to protect your personal account information.  If your profile is locked, please contact a customer service representative for assistance.  Our representatives are unable to retrieve the answers to your security questions; however, they will be able to assist you in resetting them.

Registration enables us to recognize the device or devices you use when logging into your account.  These can be a home computer or laptop, a tablet, or a smart phone. 

Setting Up:

When you log in to your profile on any new device, you will be asked to register it.  Although it is not required, we recommend you select 'Yes' to register if you are using a personal device to access your account.  It will make future logins faster, and will simplify the password reset process, if you are in need of that service.  If you are accessing your account via a shared or public computer, we recommend you select 'No' to registering the device. 

How it Works:
Registering your device will provide the quickest access to your account information on future logins.  But don't worry!  If you choose not to register your device, we will simply ask for additional authentication prior to granting access to your account information.
Note: Cookies must be enabled on your device to take advantage of this feature. 

​Whether you are setting up your profile for the first time, or adding a new account to your profile, you will need to be able to verify you are authorized to access those accounts.

How it Works:

You will be asked to verify specific, account-related information when adding any account to your profile.  Once you have answered these questions correctly, your account information will be available online.  In some instances, account verification may require additional validation via email.  If this is the case, you will be provided with information and instructions for completing this process.

​Forgot your password?  Online password recovery will enhance your online experience.

How it Works:

Based on your profile, we are able to utilize additional verification procedures to confirm your identity and reset your password while in your current browsing session.  Click on the "Forgot User ID or Password" link to verify security information, reset your password, and access your account.  If this verification process is unsuccessful, please contact a customer service representative for assistance.

If you need to reset your password from a device which has not been registered, we will provide an alternative process.  In these cases, you will receive instructions and information online.